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7 DIY Vegetable Juice Ideas to Supply Nutrients for Babies

Vegetables might not be as popular as fruits when it is juiced. But, vegetables offer benefits as many as fruits do. The vegetables are full of mineral, protein, vitamins and also including fibres. You can routinely give vegetable juice for your baby to ensure she or he gets sufficient nutrients from it. The vegetable juices offer an easier way for the digestive system that makes the baby not burdened. Moreover, a baby tends to refuse vegetables, so forming them into something more delicious will interest them. It is also great to combine some fruits in the vegetable juice to enhance the taste. These are several recommended vegetable juices for baby.

Carrot Juices for Reducing Allergies

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Carrot juices are quite popular among people. The content which is full of vitamin A & C, phosphor, calcium, as well as fibre combined with the gorgeous taste and sweet taste makes this juice is a great option for a baby. This juice is advantageous for eyes healthy and constipation handling. Furthermore, the carrot is increasing the body stamina and reduces the risk of allergies in the baby.

Tomato Juices for Handling free Radicals and Increasing Immune System

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Tomatoes which are rich in selenium, along with vitamin C, are functioned as anti-aging due to free radicals. The sour-sweet taste makes this vegetable suitable for juicing. Consuming tomato juices routinely can increase the immune body system, increase the appetite of the baby and relieve flu symptoms. Moreover, it is great to handle bleeding gums.

Cucumber Juice for Diarrhoea Treatment and Fever relief

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Almost 96% percent of cucumber content is water which is rich of polyphenol and flavonoid. Cucumber juices can reduce any diarrhoea symptoms, accelerate digestion and relieve the baby’s fever. For long term consumption, the cucumber juices can reduce the risk of obesity at kids.

Broccoli Juices for Antioxidant Source

Broccoli has the sulforaphane which is the most powerful antioxidant. Consuming broccoli might not be popular with kids since the taste is a little bit weird. To handle this, you can combine the broccoli with other delicious ingredients like watermelon, milk or others.

Broccoli Juices for Antioxidant Source

Spinach Juices for Anaemia Prevention

Spinach vegetables are well-known from the high nutritional contents such as iron and vitamin A. consuming spinach in whatever form, including juices, could increase the immune system of the body, prevent your baby from anaemia and constipation risk. Furthermore, spinach can keep your baby sight stays healthy. Before juicing, it is important to select the perfect condition spinach which is fresh, no black spots. Therefore, the benefits are maximal.1515504_210442249141580_558561499_n.jpg

Beet Juice for Increasing Red Blood Cells Production

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Beets are a kind of vegetables with round tapered shape. The shape looks like kazoos. This vegetable colours red turned to purple and are rich in vitamin A. the taste is fresh and sweet so it is great to make it be a salad, besides juicing. Consuming beet regularly could expedite digestion, prevent your baby from anaemia and increase the red blood cells production.

Corn Juices for Fibre Source

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Corns are full of fibres which are advantageous for the digestive system. Besides, this vegetable is able to reduce the level of bad cholesterol. The corn can handle constipation well thanks to the high fibre content. Moreover, it is full of carbohydrate as well as phosphor so that it could be your alternative to staple food. Corn juices can increase the baby’s appetite and able to keep eyes healthy.

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