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Green Juice Recipes & Benefits

Have you ever wondered about the different variants of green juice recipes to try? I used to think that green juices are juices that are green in color. It was only later that I found out that green juice is actually referred to the ingredients used to make the juice.

Green juice is basically juice that is made from green veggies. Fruit juices are quite common and they are known for their natural and tasty feel, but what about green juice? Some people – even I – are put off with the color, thinking that the juice isn’t worth consuming and looks gross.

But it was ages ago before I realized that green juice is consumable and it is quite tasty – as long as you know how to mix and match it. You may not think that such things like parsley, spinach or kale can be turned into refreshing juices and smoothies, but they can and they can be very tasty. You only need to have a blender or juicer, chop the ingredients you want, throw them all into the juicer, press the button and there you have it! A refreshing juice that can give you a rejuvenating kick whenever you need one. And the good thing about this kind of juicing is that it doesn’t have any negative side effects at all. You can make it as much as you want, and consume it so many often within a day. Unlike soda or other beverages, you won’t have to worry about sugar or caffeine build up that can affect your system.

Green Juice Benefits

When making green juice, make sure that you have separated the juice and the pulp, and just drink the juice to get the health benefits. All the important minerals, nutrients, and vitamins are contained within the juice, so imagine all the great things you can achieve by consuming it.

Basically, there are several general perks that you can get from juicing, such as:

  • You may not normally be able to eat a wide array of green veggies and include them within your daily menu, but with juicing, you can do it. Simply choose a veggie that you don’t often consume and process it into juice. Now you don’t have to worry about not getting the important nutrients or vitamins anymore since you have the combination of a healthy menu and healthy juices.
  • Some people can’t stand specific veggies, but somehow they like those veggies when mixed it into juices or smoothies. Somehow, the liquid form of the juice is more tolerable than the solid and raw versions.
  • Since you will be consuming the juice in liquid, it will be easier to absorb and digest. Your body doesn’t have to go through stages to break down the food, process it, and simply slug it down and you can feel an instant change right away.
  • You can always come up with tasty mix and match combinations. Yes, it may seem hard to believe that green veggies can taste great and not yucky in their liquid form. But they aren’t so bad. Even at the first attempts, you will be surprised by how nice they turn out to be. It happened to me; trust me. I was so grossed out that I didn’t want to drink up the juice after it was being processed. I even pinched my nose close so I wouldn’t burn out or vomit. But when the juice made contact with my taste buds, I was quite surprised. Although it was still funny and odd, but I had to say that it was quite good. There was this fresh and natural feeling about it. Of course, it took some time for me to really like my juicing activity, but I proudly say that I like it a lot!

So, here is my opinion – backed up with my research result – about the benefits of juicing:

1. You can get the best and most important nutrition. Everyone keeps saying that veggies and fruits are good for your health but do you really understand what it means? The great thing about veggies is that they contain natural sugar that won’t make you obese or overweight. No matter how much you eat them, the sugar won’t pile up inside the body because they will be processed and turned into useful energy. Moreover, the mineral and vitamins can help your body stay clean and healthy. They will flush out and remove all the toxins and waste, so your organs and systems can work properly.

2. The juices are easily absorbed and transported within the body. Since juices come in liquid form, your body doesn’t have to work extra to process it. Once it is absorbed by the body, all the nutrients will be transported to all organs so your body can run and function in the maximum way.

3. You can avoid craving and binge, resulting in a slimmer new you. You may not know this yet, but a glass of green juice is enough to make you feel full. The combination of texture and the healthy contents can do wonders to your digestive system. If you have a weight issue, and you want to curb your appetite by consuming the juices, be my guest! Not only you will get the best health advantages, you can also feel full, so you don’t have the desire to snack or binge anymore.

4. You can enjoy juice detox and cleansing. Nothing is more efficient than having juice detox. If you want to start a new page in your life, you need to make sure that your body returns to its clean and pure original condition. And what better way that flushing all of those toxins than with juices?

Fresh Green Juice Recipes

Here are some great green juice recipes that you can try for the added health benefits without compromising the taste.green juice recipes

Green Citrus Juice. Combine 3 stalks of celery, 1 green apple, 1 yellow/ruby grapefruit to start your day. You can substitute grapefruit with orange, and cucumber can substitute the celery. Or if you want something that is spicy, combine spinach and arugula for the celery substitution.

Green Citrus Juice recipe

Pear Celery Green Juice. Mix up 1 pear, 1 green apple, and 2 stalks of celery. If you like it sweet, adding mint will certainly help. And as for mild spicy flavor, you can add a small piece of ginger.

Pear Celery Green Juice recipe

Spinach Lemonade Juice. Mix 6 spinach leaves, 2 lemons – peeled, ½ cucumber and 2 green apples. If you like it sweet, you can add stevia to reduce the sour flavor of the lemons.

Spinach Lemonade Juice recipe

Mean Green Juice. The ingredients are basically quite strong in their own traits. You add in celery, 1 green apple, 1 handful of kale and spinach, 1 lemon (peeled) and 1 chunk of ginger. The strong taste is a good replacement for coffee as it will make you alert and wake up in one gush. Whenever I wake up feeling sluggish and drained of energy, I’d make this one.

Strong Green Juice recipe

Pineapple Mint Green Juice. Not only it is good for summer days, it can also be a good drink option after your exercises routine. Combine 1 cup of pineapple, 1 spinach, 2 kale leaves, 1 green apple, and 1 mint leaf, and you get this instant freshness that will stick the whole day. In case you don’t like pineapple, consider using orange, mango and grapefruit. For after-the-exercise routine, add in protein powder and you will be energized in no time. Psssttt….I’ve tried this one; it works like magic!

pineapple and mint green juice

Cucumber, Apple, Lime, and Basil Juice. What you need is 1 cucumber, 1 green apple, ½ lime, and ½ cup of basil. Mix all the ingredients and drink it right away. This one tastes fabulous and keeps you full the whole day!

Cucumber, Apple, Lime, and Basil Juice

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