Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Juice Recipes for Whitening Skin


Treating the skin is not only from outside, you also need to treat the skin from inside. If you are expecting brighter skin, you can drink certain juices either from fruits or from vegetables every day. It is such a great way to beautify your skin since it is natural and have no side effect. Besides whitening, these fresh fruit vegetable juice recipes will make your skin brighter, healthier and more hydrated and provide full nutrients for the skin from inside.

Carrot Juices

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People commonly know that carrots are full of vitamin A that makes your sight better and sharper. It turns out that carrot is not only full of vitamin A for great sight but also full of vitamin C as well as carotene which are great to whiten your skin from inside. Regular consumption of carrot juices makes the skin smoother; more moisturized and can reduce darker skin.

Papaya Juices

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Papayas are rich in various vitamins including vitamin A, C and also E. the content is antioxidant and whitening skin properties. Besides protecting the skin from direct sunlight, the papaya is able to reduce any black spots or scars on the skin.

Banana Juices

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There are a lot of vitamins contained in the bananas. Those are such as vitamin A, vitamin B and also vitamin E. vitamin E is the one which makes the skin healthier and brighter. Besides, bananas are so delicious. You will enjoy drinking banana juice to accompany your daily meals.

Tomatoes Juices

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Tomatoes are beneficial to get rid of any spots on the face skin. It is no doubt that tomatoes are totally fresh. You can consume it directly or juice it. This vegetable is able to whitening your skin while also losing your weight.

Kiwi Juices

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This kiwi juice tastes sweet and full of vitamin C as well. It makes your body healthier and so is your skin. Consuming kiwi juice can reduce spots and acne scars.

Spinach Juices

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Spinach is full of benefits, especially for health and beauty. The nutrient contents, as well as the vitamins, are abundant. The spinach is also able to keep brain’s healthy while sharpen your memory. In fact, this vegetable is able to be an alternative for whitening skin.

Mango Juices

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Everybody loves mangoes thanks to the delicious taste. Besides delicious, this fruit is rich in benefits. The vitamins A in the mangoes can keep your eyes healthy while also keep your skin smooth.

Yam Bean Juices

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It is so great to consume yam bean juice for the sake of whitening your skin from inside. This fruit is well-known for the benefit of whitening skin. In fact, it is often applied to cosmetic ingredients to get the benefits.

In addition to consuming those some juices for whitening skin, you also need to keep the cleanliness of the skin in order to complete the effort. With consistency and discipline, you can enjoy the result for some time as you do all treatments well. You can combine in consuming all those juices to give more complex nutrients to the skin. Besides, you will not get bored with the same juice every day.


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