How to Make a Fresh Squeezed Orange Juices


You do not have to sacrifice your health by drinking packaged orange juice and get involved into worry whether the brand is healthy and safe enough for you. It is time to start your healthy lifestyle by making your own juice at home. You might need to spare a little effort but the benefits will be abundant. You can get the nutrients straight from the basic source. And the freshness of the juice makes you enjoy it more.

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Benefits of Consuming Fresh Oranges

Orange juice is rich in vitamin C which serves as anti-oxidant. This vitamin C is great to boost your body immune system. When you are flu or cold, you can count on fresh orange juice to fight the disease. Thanks to the flavonoid, orange juice is also best for body recovery. In fact, the D-limonene is proven able to prevent various cancers such as lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer and so forth. Moreover, the orange juice can help you controlling weight and increase the beauty of your skin. The antioxidant content of the oranges can rejuvenate your skin so you will look younger than your age. The other benefits of oranges include the capability to prevent your body from various diseases prevention.

Selecting the Proper Oranges

First of all, you need to select the high-quality oranges for the juice. Make sure the fruit is firm and the smell is fresh. Do not use oranges look mouldy and soft in several areas.
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The high-quality oranges will guarantee the nutrient conditions. So, it is imperative to select the oranges before making the juice. As you find the best quality of oranges, wash the oranges one by one under running water. It is to prevent the knife or cutting board from any contamination.

Slice the Oranges on the Equator

For effectiveness, slice the oranges in a half slice, exactly on the equator. Leave the stem end at a certain pole. This type of cuts will separate the fibrous wedges within half. In that way, the juice from the orange will be easily released.

Make the Juice with Manual Juicer

Utilise manual juice and press the orange on the citrus juicer one by one. Twist the oranges until you can see the white parts of the inside the orange peel. If you are using an automatic juicer, you need to hold the oranges firmly in the place before turning on the juicer. Repeat the steps of the juicing above until the oranges have been twisted entirely.
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Now, the fresh squeezed orange juice is ready to enjoy. You can add some ice block or store it in the fridge for a while to add the freshness.

Serves the Orange Juice

You can drink the orange juice in your breakfast. Combine the orange juice with some pancakes for the carbohydrate source. To complete the vitamin for morning activity, you can also add the breakfast menu with strawberry and blackberry.
Choosing fresh orange juice for the drink in the morning could help your body to clean the colon. It will be able to release any toxic in the body. The fibre makes you easy to feel full. Therefore, it is very good to be inserted into your daily diet menu.


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