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Tasty & Healthy Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

If you have been dealing and struggling with weight issues, there are some juice recipes for weight loss that you can try. However, keep in mind that these juices aren’t some magical potion that will deliver instant result overnight. Let me share my experience and my journey in shedding off extra pounds by consuming healthy and natural juices as my daily routine.

Understanding the Concept

Most people have wrong concept about weight loss juice, thinking that when they drink up a whole glass, they will see instant result immediately where they become slim right away. Well, the juice doesn’t work that way. Yes, it is called as weight loss juice, but it isn’t an overnight or instant weight loss juice. Know the fact before you consume the juice so you don’t get misleading information.

The basic thing about this weight loss juice is that it will first cleanse off your body from any harmful toxins and pollutants so you can start off from clean slate.

This kind of juice is usually packed up with fruits or veggies rich in fiber, so it can really help out in providing longer fulfilling effect as well as improving the work of your digestive system. If the fruits are also rich in protein, you can get double benefits of helping you curb off your appetite.

You see, protein isn’t easily digested by the body – unlike carbs that can be broken down into glucose. Your body requires longer period of time to digest the body, so the digestion process will work longer and slower, resulting in longer full effect. Moreover, when the body experienced difficulty in processing the food, it will naturally increase the body temperature – resulting in improved metabolic system and rate. Not only you won’t be easily get hungry – thus, avoiding binging, craving, or snacking – your body will naturally burn off calories better and more efficiently. And yes, you can experience it from ‘only’ consuming the juices.

Tasty & Healthy Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

So, when should you consume the juice?

Well, that’s a tricky question. Basically, you can consume the juice anytime you want to. However, some people have certain preferences about the timing. Some like to consume it early in the morning, for breakfast replacement. With your stomach empty, the juice is claimed to be absorbed better. Moreover, with the fulfilling and refreshing effect, you can actually start off your day with enough packing.

However, keep in mind that this kind of guidance may not be applicable for those with sensitive stomach issue or internal ulcer problem.

You can also consume the juice as the snacking alternative between lunch and dinner. If you drink the juice in between those meal times, you won’t be tempted to overeating or snacking. Another great thing is that you can always accompany the juice with healthy snacks, like beans or nuts. This is the kind of snacking that I like. A handful of nuts and finish it off with cold juice is such a treat for me.

Do’s and Don’ts

Although weight loss juices have loads of great perks and benefits, you still need to be careful and really pay attention to the serving, preparation, and consumption. Here are some basic dos and don’ts you should have – by the way, I learned about these in the hard way.


  • Always check first with your doctor. Learn about your condition and reveal any hidden truth or fact. Be sure that you are completely fit and healthy, and you can go through the juice stage. If it is possible, discuss what kind of fruits or veggies you can consume or what to avoid. Moreover, if you have certain medications, consulting your doctor will be the best way to avoid drug interference or side effect.
  • If you are not a big fan of consuming fruits or veggies during meal, juicing is your best option to have balanced nutrients and vitamins.
  • When you are juicing, often times you only consume the juice and throw away the pulp. The pulp still contains fiber, so instead of throwing it away, include it in your cooking or baking. Do you know that pulp can actually make rice, pasta, or soup taste better and fresher?
  • If you are new in juicing, start slowly. Don’t mix and match two different fruits with four different veggies, for instance. Bigger chance that you will vomit and can’t stand the smell. Go with baby steps. Start from one fruits or veggies juice. And slowly make it two fruits or veggies juice. By doing this, you can find the best mix and match, and avoid the bad combination that will make the juice repulsive and simply gross.
  • Don’t overdo your preparation. If you won’t commit to juicing, there is no need to buy a new juicer; a blender will do. But if you are serious about it and really want to commit to it, consider your options. Regular juicers can cost quite a lot. The regular ones are probably sold from $50 to 150. The more sophisticated the juicers are, the more expensive it is going to be.
  • Be realistic. Just because you are juicing, you can’t really expect to lose 20 pounds within a week, for example. Set your goals straight and reasonable. As well as you stay healthy, improve your fitness, and manage to lose weight slowly, keep on juicing.


  • Only commit to juices and forget everything else. Just because you are juicing on daily basis, it doesn’t mean that you should forget about other things, like the regular meal schedule or even snacking. Remember that your body won’t run if you only depend on liquid consumption. After all, it is not healthy. To achieve healthy and well balanced result, you need to juice as well as having healthy intake and consumption.
  • Think that all fruits or veggies are zero calories. Yes, most fruits and veggies have low calories, but it doesn’t make them zero calories. Some fruits may even have higher calories, like avocado or durian.
  • Add sweetener to make the taste tolerable. Yes, adding milk, sugar, or honey will make the juice taste better, but what’s the point of having weight loss juice if it is high in calorie from the sweetener? Fruits and veggies have their own natural sweetness; that’s why you need to learn about processing them so you won’t strip them off from the sweetness.

Tasty Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

These are some juice recipes that I have tried on myself. For me, they are tasty, healthy, and good.

Cucumber and Tomato Mix

Cucumber and Tomato Mix. Combine 3 and a half cup of tomato (chopped) and 2 cups of cucumber (diced). When they are blended, add a talk of celery, ground black pepper, sea salt, and cayenne pepper.  You can also add mint leaves for added freshness. This juice is refreshing for hot summer days.

Grapefruit Juice with Yellow Pepper Twist

Grapefruit Juice with Yellow Pepper Twist. Mix all 3 carrots, a yellow pepper, a kiwi, a grapefruit, a half inch of peeled ginger, and a beet. If you can tolerate the taste, leave it like it. But if you want to add a bit of sweetness, add 5 drops of stevia.

Carrot and Watercress Boost

Carrot and Watercress Boost. Mix a cup of watercress (chopped), 3 carrots, and 2 tomatoes. Make sure that they all blend well. add up half cup of spinach, kosher salt, and ground black pepper. Cilantro can be added for serving. This energy boost juice is good for morning serving.

Apple and Spinach Combo

Apple and Spinach Combo. Mix up chopped spinach and cubed apples, and add up red lettuce, cayenne pepper, and kosher salt. When they have mixed well, add up lemon juice for refreshing taste.

Fresh Watermelon and Lemon Mix

Fresh Watermelon and Lemon Mix. Blend a cup of watermelon and a lemon together. Add ice cubes, and serve it with mint leaves. It’s good for replenishing your thirst as well as hydrating yourself.

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