DIY Fruit and Vegetable Juice Recipes for Diet and Detox


Being slim and beautiful must be one of the dreams of every woman. If you want to lose your weight, you can try this light and simple diet. Drinking juice is the simplest diet which will not burden you a lot. There are several fruits and vegetable juice recipes which are best for either diet or detox. You can make it yourself at home and drink it daily. While consuming these juices, you can still eat just like usual.

Grapefruit Juices

A grapefruit is one of the most powerful fruits to lose your weight. One grapefruit contains 120 calories which are able to keep your stomach full so you will not easily get hungry again and again. That is why you need to include this awesome fruit into your diet menu as a juice.

Cherry Fruit Juices

Cucumber Juices

A cucumber is full of water. It is one of the best vegetables for losing weight. One cucumber contains up to 45 calories with a lot of water content. The two contents are combined together to give daily energy for the body while making the stomach full. Therefore, you can control you’re eating much better. Drinking cucumber juice also makes you fresher thanks to the water from the vegetable.

daily energy

Cherry Fruit Juices

A cherry is a fruit which is functioned to keep your body immune system when you are applying losing weight diet. Consume the cherry juice either for a breakfast drink, lunch or dinner. The calories content of cherry fruit is about 50 calories. Consume this juice for a daily drink to get the benefit of losing weight.



Green Broccoli Juices

This one of green vegetables is famous for the high antioxidant content. The taste of broccoli might be bitter, but its taste helps your body to break fats. It is no wonder then if this vegetable is great to help you losing some weight.


Cabbage Juices

It might be not a usual juice you consume every day. People rarely consume cabbages either for daily consumption or for juices. However, a cabbage juice contains a lot of vitamin C as well as a powerful antioxidant to keep your body from disease attacks.

On the other hand, the content of this great vegetable is advantageous to decrease your weight. For additional information, the other cabbage family such as Chinese cabbage involves into the great menu for a diet. You even can lose your weight up to 4 kg within a week by consuming the cabbage juice routinely.10453978_798715623516574_1875246320_n.jpg

Raspberry Juices

This cute and sweet fruit contains up to 31% calories and a third of one raspberry contains sugar. Then, it is understandable if this fruit could be counted on losing your weight sooner.


Tomato Juices

This vegetable item has low calorie that makes it a great option for diet. This fruit is also recommended for you who want to slim your belly.

Since the human body is organic, you need to ensure the food you consume is organic too. That is why organic fruit and vegetable is recommended as well. if you are not sure if the fruit or vegetable you buy is organic or not, you need to wash them properly with flowing water.

Fad diets

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