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DIY Juice Recipes for Smarter Brain: Bananas and Pomegranates

Everybody wants to be smart. Having a smart brain makes you able to fix many problems related to your job or your daily life. For students, smartness makes their achievement much better. You can start to consume foods which are able to support your brain’s work. Pomegranates and bananas are two examples of fruits which are able to make you smarter.

Banana Juice Recipes Ideas

A Banana has a lot of nutrients which are able to increase your intelligence. It contains magnesium and also Kalium which is able to expedite the transmission among neurons in the brain.

You can combine bananas with milk to be blended. Besides making you smarter, the combination of bananas and milk can fulfill some nutrients needed for our body.

Cut the bananas into tiny pieces and blend the two ingredients directly. For one serving, you only need a half glass of milk with two pieces of bananas.

Banana Juice Recipes Ideas

Another recipe for banana juices is combining the bananas with oatmeal as well as milk. This recipe can be our breakfast since it has complete nutrients for the body.
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Blend the oatmeal, bananas and milk together. The portion can be adjusted to your need. You can mix a half glass of oatmeal with a half glass of milk with one banana.

Bananas can be combined with apples too. The two fruits have a delicious taste and the combination is so great to give millions of benefits for your body. So, you can enjoy the juice without sacrificing your taste.
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Mix two apples with a banana. Add a third lemon to keep the freshness of the juice. If you love cold, you can add some ice or you might only use plain water only. Blend all of them and the juice is ready to enjoy.

The other creation of a banana juice to get more powerful brain work is combining bananas with strawberries and yogurt. Mix a balanced portion of the three ingredients and blend them together.

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Pomegranate Juice Recipes Ideas
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Pomegranate fruits have been well-known as the reputation to be an exotic fruit with a lot of antioxidants. The antioxidant is proven to increase the cognition and also your memory. Include this juice into your daily menu. You can either use a blender or a squeeze to have a glass of pomegranate juice. The two offer a different sensation when drinking a pomegranate juice. A pomegranate can be combined with other fruits to get a different taste.
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If you use a squeezer, you might not break all of the grains from the pomegranates. It gives you a unique sensation of enjoying a juice. You can also utilize another squeeze to help you squeezing the pomegranates.
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The juice with such a squeeze might result from a smoother pomegranate juice than the hand squeezers one. Aside of the squeeze, it is also allowed to use a blender to make the juice.
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Use a medium speed if you want the grains not broken totally.

To vary the taste, combine the pomegranates with orange juice. The different taste from the two will result from a new taste which is more delicious and not boring.
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Another ingredient can be combined is milk. Mix some milk with several pomegranate fruits and blend them together.
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