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Tons of Benefits of Juicing in Real Life

You don’t need to be a high roller to reap the benefits of juicing. We tracked down Eric Helms, who started Juice Generation cold-pressed juice bars in new york, before the rest of the planet (and Hollywood) jumped on the trend, to steal some of his hot secrets. From detoxing cleanses to flu-fighting elixirs, his newly published novel, The Juice Generation, is filled with good suggestions on how mere mortals can juice it up–and stars’ favorite recipes, which he shared with us.

A couple of years back, I had the juice that changed it all for me–a mixture that’s far better than any pop’ boy you will ever eat.  Vegetables in their purest form are refreshing and palate-cleansing, while the sweet notes of their fruits and mint give this both quenching and intoxicating.  Now I can take my portion of veggies in a pleasant manner.

Making healthy food choices and preparing them requires a whole lot of time which I don’t have.  Juicing gets the work out of the comparison and frees me from thinking about food so I can focus on other things. I can’t consider anything which makes me feel as good.

Each morning set I have my ‘green drink,’ which is spinach, kale, cucumber, lemon, celery, and green apple.  I’m not a great green vegetable eater, so the juice has filled a big empty in my diet, and I feel healthier for it. When I am juicing, I can feel the difference. I have much more strength because I am getting a healthy serving of vegetable and fruits. My nutrition is equivalent, and my sugar needs are happy.

As an athlete, juicing is essential to me since I soften my body with enough intense training each day, and it is not possible to maximize my training without undermining my body, The ingredients I use are also great for hair and skin, inflammation, and dealing with stress. I can tell the distinction when I am on a constant juicing regimen: I’m more signal, my healing is at it’s best, and I feel healthier.



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