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The Ultimate Juice Fasting FAQs

You must be aware of the benefits of juicing that will help you get the nutrients and vitamins you need without having to take out dish after dish of vegetables and fruits constantly.

In this article, the best-known questions with regard to juice fasting are outlined. We noticed a lot of our readers have these same kinds of questions.

On the other hand, we get a couple of myths out there also discovered here. When you are finished, you will have the ability to see yourself as an expert or educated consumer.

Hope this FAQ address some of your questions about juicing too.

FAQ 1: How Much Weight Can I Lose on A Juice Fast?

Weight loss will vary from individual to individual. How much weight when beginning with will affected how much your weight loss. Within a period of month or two, people lose an average of a pound per day or more. Most are lost during the first week of juice fasting. Some people may lose more or lose less. So it really depends on how well you juicing.

FAQ 2: How Will I Get Protein On a Juice Fast?

This is undoubtedly a true concern. Get enough of any source of protein is essential. The protein is something that our bodies need to thrive; however, most of you have been willing to accept that the main sources of sufficient protein are accessible to us in the eggs, fish and/or meat. This is not basically genuine; it is a myth. You can discover a large protein in vegetables such as cabbage, spinach, turnips, carrots, kale, broccoli, romaine lettuce, peas, and Brussels sprouts.

FAQ 3: Should I Buy Organic?

Using organic produce will get you more juice than the inorganic ones. And also, organic vegetables and fruits will make your juice taste better.

FAQ 4: How Much Water to Add To Juice?

Adding water is not really necessary. You can add water if the juice is too strong for your taste, but better not to add at all. You make a juice, not smoothies.

FAQ 5: Can I Change The Ingredients In The Juices?

Yes, you can change the ingredients in case you do not like the specific ingredient or you have an allergic reaction to them. You can replace it with something that you like. Every recipe can be altered as per your tastes and needs. They are not set in stone; you can experiment different ingredient for juice recipes.

FAQ 6: Can a Blender Be Used As a Juicer?

No, blender and juicer are different. Juicer will help you separate the juice from fibers, not in the blender case. Eliminate pulp and fibers are important on your juice fast diet. You do not need to spend your energy to digest the fibers, just take the nutrients for your body. Using a blender is same as you eating raw fruits or veggies.

FAQ 7: How to Get Rid of A Headache at Start of Juice Fast?

At first few days of your juice fast, you may feel the headache that is normal on this process. You can take some Ibuprofen or Tylenol to get rid your headache. But be careful with Excedrin since the thin product contains caffeine that you don’t want.

FAQ 8: Does Juice Make Your Stool Dark or Odd Colored Urine?

Yes, the food you eat will change your stool/urine color. This is also normal since you consume in large amount nutrients and vitamins from fruits and vegetables. Don’t worry it will not harm your kidney, but drinking extra water would be great for better your kidneys.

FAQ 9: Is Juicing Safe For Diabetics?

You should consult first with your doctor if you decide to do a juicing. Your doctor may need to adjust your medication during the juice fast. You should include protein in your juice and drink more than 64 ounces water daily. Just take one fruit per juice can be better.

FAQ 10: Can I Drink Tea While On A Juice Fast?

Yes, you can drink tea as compliance for your juice fast. It’s very good except for green tea or black tea that contain caffeine in large amount. Decaf tea or white are perfect choices. You can also try adding a fresh fruit on your tea.

FAQ 11: Is It Okay to Drink Coffee While on Juice Fast?

Absolutely not, coffee contains caffeine that you must avoid during your juice fasting. Your aim is detoxing your body; caffeine can be toxic on your body.

FAQ 12: Is It Okay Taking Vitamins During Juice Fast?

Your body has already overloading with nutrients so you don’t need to take any vitamin supplements.

FAQ 13: How to Exercise or Workout During a Juice Fast?

While on a juice fast, it is recommended to not doing the workout. However, you can still do that by adding protein isolate to your juice. Take extra protein source on your diets such as tuna, pork chop, small steak or chicken breast to maintain your muscle mass.

FAQ 14: Do You Have Juice Fasting Tips For Working People?

Sure! You can make your juice at home then bring them to a cooler or small ice chest to your workplace. Or if you have an access to a fridge you can store the juice while you work.

FAQ 15: How Much Juice Is Enough?

Taking 6-20 ounces juice for four or six times per day is enough. But is not a must, you can take more times or amount juice to consume. The best time to juicing is when you feel hungry where you need nutrients at most.

FAQ 16: How to Eat After a Juice Fast?

Limit yourself to eat about one and a half your fist size meals and just take 4-6 meals per day. After juicing you must already able to control your appetite. You can still consume juice even after juice fasting.

FAQ 17: How to Add More Fiber to Your Diet?

You can get fibers by eating solids vegetables and fruits after a juice fast. Add fiber slowly to give your gastrointestinal tract time to adjust.

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