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Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juice Recipes for Immune System

Fruit and vegetable juices are undoubtedly effective to improve and keep your body healthy. Either serious disease or the light ones, those can be controlled and also prevented by juice therapy. In that way, it is important for you to know the benefits of certain juices to make adjustable with what you need.

Flu Shots Juices

Flu and cold are two most common diseases attacked by everyone every time. When it comes at the wrong time, it could be very disturbing. These several juices below will help you to shots the flue and buster your cold.

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This orange juice is such a perfect juice to boost your immune system. Combine it with lemon along with some spices like cinnamon, turmeric, cloves, cayenne and ginger to warm your body. For natural sweet, add some honey to it.

The vegetable juice which serves as the flu shot is the combination of kale leaves, celery, cucumber and parsley.

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To add the nutrient and enhance the delicious taste, add 3 apples as well as a half slice of lemon to give fresh colour and taste. Drink this fruit and vegetable juice every day to fulfil your vitamin needs and also boost your immune system at the same time.

Detoxifying Juice Recipes

Your body must be full of toxin from various sources including your unhealthy food. To help you clean your body, it is much recommended to drink a glass of fruits and vegetable juices which combine carrot, apple, pear along with celery and parsley.

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Include beet and greens into the juice to boost the supply of nutrients. The juices will help you detoxifying any toxin in the body easily. Follow the instruction about the amount of each ingredient to make it balance, either for the taste or for the nutrients.

Another option of detoxifying juice is lettuce juice. Besides the detoxification function, lettuce juice is one of great juice for an antioxidant booster, thanks to the beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E.

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Besides detoxifying function, lettuce juice is great for anti-anaemic, healing cough, constipation and so forth. You just need to add a lemon juice to keep the freshness. To give a sweet taste, add some tbsp. honey as your wish.

Brain Booster Juice Recipes

Nobody wants to be dumb in this life. Fortunately, you can optimise your brain work by drinking juice which is able to boost your brain work. Drink a juice from a cup of blueberries combined with a half piece of banana and a half cup of cucumber.

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To add the nutrients, add some chia seeds which are such a great seed that contain full vitamins, carbohydrate and so forth. For the perfect portion, add only one cup of water when juicing.

Cancer Fighter Juice Recipe

The bright colour of carrots means that it is rich in antioxidant. This is functioned to fight again cell of cancer, as well as free radicals.

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The carrots juice is also beneficial for improving your digestion, sight and even it can boost your appetite as well. Carrot is full of lactation as well which is advantageous for breastfeeding. When juicing carrots, make sure add lemon juice to make the colour of carrot juice is perfectly fresh.

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