DIY Watermelon Juice Recipes to Enhance Your Health


Watermelons contain almost 92% of water that makes it so fresh. Besides, there is a wide range of benefits from this fruit for our body. The benefits are due to the nutrients in the watermelon such as various vitamins (A, B6, C), antioxidants, lycopene and also amino acids. Basically, it is enough to make the juice purely with watermelon since it is delicious and sweet already. But you can also make a juice with a certain modification or combine this watermelon with other fruits to give enhanced taste.

Watermelon Shake Drink

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To make watermelon shake, you need one and a half of watermelon, one cup ice cubes, one tablespoon simple syrup, one and a quarter tablespoons of salt hale’s blue boy and also a third cup of water.

Watermelon Smoothies

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To make a glass of watermelon smoothie, you need some fruits such as two cup of watermelon with no seed, a half cup of melon, a half cup of red jelly, a half cup of milk and a third cup of water if necessary. Let a half of the melon and all the red jelly away while all other ingredients are blended together. Then, as all mixed well, insert it into a glass. Put all the melon and the red jelly into the glass as topping.

Watermelon and Lemon Juice

To get fresh and delicious taste of watermelon juice, combine two cups of watermelon with a half-slice of lemon, some mint leaves and a third cup of water.
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Blend all ingredients together with medium speed and put it into a glass. The juice will be a little bit green due to the mint and the lemon. The lemon boosts the vitamin C to give you healthy skin.

Watermelon Celery Juice

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It is definitely a great idea to combine watermelon with celery in a juice. Besides reducing high blood pressure, celery has million incredible benefits for body such as vitamin C booster, decreasing cholesterol, anti-cancer compounds, anti-inflammatory, relieving pain and many others more. To mix them, you only need to add some celeries before you blend the watermelon.

Watermelon and Coconut Water

Instead of using plain water, you can utilize fresh coconut water to be blended with watermelon. Add some lemon to give enriched taste.



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The coconut water is full of nutrient as well. This drink is so good to be your drink after exercise. The coconut water can help you losing fats, increasing your brain function and many others more.

Watermelon, Cucumber and Coconut Water Mixed Juice

Cucumber can help the body to flush any toxin out. So, you can count on this vegetable to detox your body. In addition, cucumber lavishes your body with a lot of vitamins and minerals. There is magnesium, potassium and also silicone from this vegetable.
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Together with cucumber and coconut water, a glass of watermelon juice keeps your body well hydrated. To make a tasteful juice, mix cucumber and watermelon with the same amount. Add some coconut water to replace the plain water. Add mint and lemon juice to give fresh taste. Blend them together.


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