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Various Tasty Fruit Juicing Recipes for Energy

I have always thought that juicing is for better health and shedding off a few pounds, but little I know about the benefits of juicing for energy. I was the kind of person who depended so much on coffee to give me a little kick in the morning – or whenever I need them since I was easily drained out. But ever since I know about juicing and I try to make it a habit on a daily basis, I find out that somehow I feel more energized. I mean, I feel healthier and fresher.  I don’t easily get tired and snap at everyone because of it. And most importantly, I feel that my appearance has changed too. Most of the people I know say I look better, with glowing skin and fresher look. Well, I don’t have the cash to go to beauty clinic, but I can say that juicing has changed my life to a better direction.

You need to understand that juices aren’t these magical potions that can make you look different within one slug. You need to change your lifestyle and include juicing into your daily habit and routine. I only consume a glass in the morning and a glass in the afternoon, and the reasons why I consume them were originally so I don’t snack around. I got hungry very easily in the morning and around the afternoon, so I chose juices to curb my hunger. Water doesn’t have any taste and it can be boring and dull, so my initial reason to start juicing was actually pretty silly and lame. But I’m glad to do what I did because now I am able to reach this point, which makes me look and feel better – not to mention also healthier.

benefits of juicing recipes for energy

How Juices Can Boost Energies?

We have been polluting ourselves with all the junk foods, the sodas, and other unhealthy consumption. We’ve been exposed to other harmful substances from the air we breathe, the water we consume, and even from the food we eat. Consuming foods that are exposed to pesticides, for example, has made all the toxins pile up in our body. We may be living in a modern world, but the same thing has its negative toll.

Juices contain all these good and natural vitamins and minerals, which are good to fights off all the chemicals, pollutants, and free radicals within our body. If we choose organic fruits or veggies, we can even double up the positive health benefits as the minerals, vitamins, and nutrients are intact in its purest form. Those nutrients can help the body flush out and remove more toxins and waste faster and more efficient. You won’t be able to live healthily if you don’t remove the toxins first.

Once the body has been cleansed out from the toxins, naturally all the systems, organs, and tissues will be restored to the original condition. What about the energy, you may ask? You see, when your body is filled with toxins and waste, everything inside it won’t be able to work in the maximum way. You will be slow and sluggish. Your body is being overburdened with all the excess waste, so it has to work harder. In the end, you get tired easily because you are forcing your body to work extra hard. When your body is clean from all the pollutants, it won’t experience overburden anymore. Your system works in the normal way and your body doesn’t have to work extra hard to extract things or to make it run. In the end, you won’t easily get tired because everything works normally, as they are supposed to.

I didn’t believe such claim – I’m a very skeptical person – but I find out that it is true. I get loads of juicing benefits from consuming a glass or two of these juices. After several days consuming the juices, I don’t easily get tired anymore. I can do my work and my chores without having to stop to catch a breath. In fact, now I can pass through my daily routines feeling happy and not grumpy anymore – which is good for my kids since I used to yell at them whenever I was in a bad mood because of tiredness and snack craving.

I dare say that consuming these juices won’t only boost your energy – and impact your mood – but also helps you look better, healthier, and slimmer. I notice that my pants and shirts seem loose nowadays. I do look better; with flushed cheeks, better complexion, smoother skin, and dark spots and black panda eyes being gone. I only want to say that you should try it. Just try and feel the difference. But don’t stop after one or two days; make sure that you will include the juicing into your daily habits and routine. Like I’ve said before, juices aren’t magical potions. They need time before you can see the real result.

Tasty Juicing Recipes for Energy

I’m going to share some of my favorite recipes. Note that they aren’t written in stones so you are free to make any changes that you want.

Morning Sunshine Smoothie. Mix 3 fresh tangerines and a red grapefruit first. Then throw in frozen strawberries. Make a puree and add ice cubes for a refreshing taste.

This is my energy boost in the morning. Now I rather drink this than a cup of coffee. Drink it first and you are ready for your activities.

Fruit Mint Cocktail Juice. Mix an apple and an orange, then add a half cup of pineapple. Remove the content to a blender then add lemon juice, watermelon, and fresh mint. Blend everything until it is smooth. Add ice cubes, if you want to.

One of my daughters loves this. She usually adds a scoop of ice cream in her glass. If you want to look for tasty and rather healthy guilty pleasure drink, you can add a scoop. But I don’t advise it for regular daily serving.

Forever Strawberry Fields Smoothie. Mix a cup of strawberries, a half frozen banana, and a cup of coconut milk. If you want to add a teaspoon of syrup or honey, you can do it. But even without the sweetener, the taste is nice and refreshing with refreshing rather-sour effect.

Complete Vitamin C Juice. Mix a cup of blackberries, a cup of currants, a tangerine, an orange, a kiwi, and lime juice. Add ice cube for more refreshing taste. Bottoms up and you will feel this surge of energy right away! Not to mention that it will make you feel healthier and stronger.

Those are just several simple recipes that you can try at home. Be creative and come up with your own recipes. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to browse around. Good luck and have fun juicing!

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