Wheatgrass Juice Benefits for Your Health


If you are a type of person who really pays attention to what you eat and drink, and you like consuming healthy beverages like smoothies, or juices, you may want to start drinking wheatgrass juice. It may not look attractive with all those green colorings, but behind all those unattractive traits, you can find lots of gems. Learn more about wheatgrass juice benefits by understanding more about it.

About Wheatgrass

I have never wanted to try wheatgrass because of the unattractive color, which I thought as gross. But a friend of mine lately looks younger and fresher, and she achieves it simply by drinking the juice on a daily basis. She doesn’t go to skin doctor or skin spa; she simply consumes the wheatgrass juice every day. I mean, if such juice can really make someone look fresher and younger naturally, imagine what kind of other great outcomes you can expect.

Wheatgrass is basically the young wheat plant. Based on medical researches and studies, young wheat plants contain all the healthy nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and can be harvested to retain those precious contents. One of the reasons why wheatgrass is turned into juice is because of the high content of chlorophyll.

About Wheatgrass

If you learn biology, you’ll know that chlorophyll is green pigment with alkaline properties that can do great things to your body. Chlorophyll makes wheatgrass a superfood that is rich in enzymes and blood builder. You see, chlorophyll has this special protein that is responsible in blood cell maturity, known as . Since it is able to construct and produce new blood, your health will remain at the top condition. Moreover, chlorophyll also helps prevent early aging. Thanks to the special enzyme, it helps in controlling free radicals within the body. And with free radicals being manageable, the aging process can be delayed – at least made slower.

How to Consume Wheatgrass Juice

One thing you have to remember about consuming this juice is to take it slowly. If you are completely new to this, taking one small shot of it will be enough. I didn’t know about this fact and I had to suffer from this annoying headache at first. Later I found out that wheatgrass juice was responsible for the headache. You see, the detoxifying effect of the juice can take its toll when you consume it in large number.

How to Consume Wheatgrass Juice


This juice will remove toxins and waste from your system at once, creating this massive cleansing effect. It may be good for your body, but it may affect the digestive system as well as your balance for a while. If you suffer from nausea or more bowel movement, take it slowly.

Wheatgrass juice should not be consumed more than two ounces a day.


The Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass juice is rich in vitamin B complex, vitamin K, C, and also E. It also contains important minerals like germanium, magnesium, protein, calcium, iron, zinc, sodium, potassium and sulfur. There are around 80 different enzymes and 17 amino acids packed within the juice, so it is no wonder if the juice is very strong and powerful.



The positive effects of wheatgrass juice are:

  • To treat or prevent anemia. Since the juice is rich in iron and special protein that can build the blood cells, consuming this juice helps increase the number of your blood cells. Increase the number of blood cells can improve fresh oxygen delivery to all organs and systems, which affect your condition and health.
  • To prevent acidosis. Thanks to the alkaline, your body tissues will be cleansed out efficiently. No more waste product or toxins that can affect your health. Moreover, the alkaline content will be stable, leading to acidosis prevention.
  • To prevent Candidiasis. Our body is the host of many good bacteria or yeast. But when there are bad yeast or bacteria that multiply uncontrollably in our body, things can go back – trust me, I’ve been there, done that. When I start consuming wheatgrass juice, I believe that such yeast attack won’t happen anymore since the juice has this natural anti bacterial and antifungal trait that will keep everything in order.
  • To detoxify the body. The healthy contents of the juice help detoxifying the body – especially the digestive and the lymphatic system. All waste, fecal matters, and toxins will be flushed out in no time.
  • To lose weight. Wheatgrass is rich in fibers. Consuming the juice will make you feel full for a longer time and you won’t easily get hungry. From my experience, the green color, the taste, and the texture are the right combination to avoid hunger. Once you drink it, you won’t be interested in another meal.
  • To avoid early aging. This juice contains vitamin E, which is good for the skin. Moreover, it contains lots of antioxidants that will flush out and repel all the free radicals. When the free radicals are removed, the damaging traits responsible for early aging – such as wrinkles, dry skin, saggy skin, etc – will be gone. The skin cell regeneration will be improved; leading to a better complexion. Not to mention that you will experience healthier, firmer, younger, and fresher skin, which happens to my friend. The combination of vitamin E and antioxidants will fight off eczema or dryness, remove acne, and deal with uneven complexion or discoloration.

Wheatgrass Juice Recipe

Combining wheatgrass with other fruits can be quite handy to make the taste better. In this juice recipe, you are combining wheatgrass and red grapes. The addition of red grapes is good to add antioxidant in your body. Moreover, red grapes contain saponins, a substance that is responsible for cholesterol binding. It is good to treat high blood cholesterol and also high blood sugar.


You need around 10 red grapes and 30 ml of wheatgrass juice. Mix them all and consume it while fresh. The nutrition is great, and the taste isn’t bad either. If I can tolerate it, I’m sure you can.

I have to admit that wheatgrass juice isn’t tasty, but it isn’t overly bad. If you consume the fresh juice, you’ll notice this grassy yet fresh taste – which is different from consuming other types of juice.

You also need to remember that you need to have a special juicer for wheatgrass. Juicing wheatgrass can’t be done with the regular juicer. Use a separated juicer and you won’t contaminate the pure effect.

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