The Best Juicing Books 2014 You Need to Have 


Juicing isn’t only about putting your favorite fruits or veggies into the juicer and then drink the mix. Juicing is all about planning and how you hope to achieve the best outcome. Right now juicing has become a regular and common activity for those wanting to improve their condition and health. It is safe to say that juicing is now the new lifestyle that can affect your condition.

However, juicing isn’t all about chopping off the fruits, mix it up with water, and finish it up. Juicing is about artistic preparation to get the best juice benefits of the natural substances around us. That’s why there are some juicing books that are considered the best in providing information, how to steps, and also image guidance for those wanting to improve their lives. Here are some best juicing books 2014 options. I’ve read these books, so I know what to expect from them.

The Juice Generation

This book is all about superfood, making fresh juices, and authoralso smoothies. You will find around 100 juice recipes, so there are no more boring days in preparing the juice that you want. Another great thing about the book is that you can mix and match the ingredients because the rules aren’t set in stones. You are free to replace a certain ingredient with the others. In fact, you are encouraged to do so.

The best thing about the book is that you will be provided with information about each ingredient, so you know why they are good to consume and what the best preparation to keep the nutrients intact. The layout is simply pretty and beautiful, with easy-to-understand language, and simple step by step how to. It’s no wonder if the book is becoming everyone’s favorite, including the celebrities. Whether they are into healthy habits or they have just started, the book can provide great guidance. Another great thing about the juice recipes is that they are all tasty. No, they aren’t added with overload sugar and honey, but since they are combined with the natural substances and fruits – which have their own natural sweetness – you can expect the tasty outcome. The combination of sweet, sour, and bitter make the overall juices and smoothies worth to try… and also, implement on a daily basis.

The Juice Cleanse Reset Diet

The-Juice-Cleanse-Reset-Diet-bookJuicing isn’t all about improving your health, but it can also help you lose weight, increase energy, and also have healthier skin. By only spending $12, you can get deep and thorough information about juicing. Before I read the book, I was skeptical that juicing can really help improving my appearance and energy. You see, I’m a mom with two kids. I know I look like a mess because taking care of two kids while trying to maintain my work is super difficult. But I feel that my life has changed since I read the book because now I know that I can look amazing simply by consuming juices. I wasn’t used to juices, so I expected that they would feel horrible. To my surprise, they are amazingly tasty. Yeah, sometimes they feel rather weird – but it was nice weird, and as you progress, you can really enjoy the overall experience.

The great thing about the book is the complete information. In each juice recipe, the authors – Marra St.Clair and Lori Kenyon Farley – will explain each ingredient and their benefits. Then you will be shown easy step by step in preparing the juices. The authors also explain the expected outcome – whether the juice will detox your system or help you lose weight. Moreover, the book highlights the importance of using organic ingredients – not only for the health benefits but also for the nice taste of the juice itself.

You need to keep in mind that optimizing your health should start from a simple base. How come you expect to improve your health if you don’t remove or flush out the toxins and waste first? The juice recipes in the book can help removing the toxins, as well as boosting your immune system, improving your appearance, and keeping you healthy. I don’t overdrink the juice; consuming a glass or two a day is enough for me. But after several weeks, my friend told me that I look great and literally glowing. Gone all the pale complexion and mess. Now I feel very confident about how I look!

The Superfood Juices

This book doesn’t cost more than $11, but there are The-Superfood-Juices-book-266x300loads of important facts, info, and lessons that you can get from reading it. I get a better appearance from other books, and I get an energy boost from this one. I’ve never thought that juices can actually help improving my energy level. After all, they are just juices – liquid beverages that will quench my thirst. By improving my energy? Yeah, right!

Well, that was what I thought before reading the book and trying the recipes. I didn’t consider the fact that the author – Julie Morris – is a natural food chef that knows her way around the kitchen. Most of her juice recipes are using organic based ingredients, whose contents are natural and super healthy. I’ve tried some of the recipes so far – there are around 100 recipes, which I haven’t tried yet – and I must say that not only they are healthy, they are also very tasty and refreshing.

If you are the type of person who doesn’t really into consuming veggies or fruits, try to consume them as juices, and you will have different opinions about the whole thing. You’ll see that you can get enough minerals, protein, and vitamins from these tasty juices. Trust me, I’ve been there before. I don’t really like fruits, and juicing was my last option to stay in good shape. But once I try the recipes, I can see that my body is changing – into a positive direction, of course. I feel healthier and more energized. Most of the juice recipes are very refreshing, so it is not difficult to include them into my daily routine. Now, I prefer consuming these juices instead of indulging myself in soda or other sweetened beverages.

The Best Green Drinks Ever

energy levelPrepare a budget of $10 and you can get a copy of this book. If most juices are made from fruits, now you can learn about making juices from veggies. I have never wanted to consume veggie juices, but this book has changed my mind. I used to think that veggie juices are yucky and gross – how come you blend veggies and expect them to be tasty? But I know now that I’ve been wrong. Veggie juices can be awesomely tasty too!

With this book, you can learn that veggie juices can have additional benefits of fiber, protein, minerals, and vitamins….without compromising the taste. With all the juice recipes, be prepared to experience healthier and firmer skin, energized outcome, and also added a bonus of losing several extra pounds. By consuming the juices, you won’t easily get hungry and fall trap into cravings anymore. Preparation is simple and basically easy. Just follow the provided steps and you can have a life-changing moment without having to spend a fortune. Now I feel great, and I don’t have to spend money for beauty spa or a gym membership to achieve such success.

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