Celery Juice Recipes to Lower Cholesterol Levels


Based on many studies, it has been known that celery contains a lot of nutrients with wonderful effect on the human body. Celery is anti-inflammation because it contains polysaccharides and phenol antioxidants. In fact, celery can lower cholesterol levels. So, it is more than enough to be the reason why you should consume celery every day. Considering its odd taste, it is a good idea to juice the celery. These are some celery juice ideas you can try to make.

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Celery with Honey

The taste of celery is not delicious. So, it is good to combine celery with honey to make the juice more delicious.


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Celery juice with honey is not only good to lower cholesterol level but also to supply vitamins and mineral for the body. Moreover, it is also good to improve your skin health.

Celery with Lemon

Lemons can fresh celery juice with its sour taste. It is able to improve the taste of celery juice. Moreover, lemon has a lot of vitamin C which is beneficial to improve the skin health. Thus, drinking celery and lemon juice will not only lower your cholesterol level but also improve your skin health.

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Celery with Broccoli, Cucumber and Ginger

Combining more than two fresh ingredients gives you a short way to be healthier. If you combine celery with broccoli, cucumber and also ginger, you will not only reduce your cholesterol level but also reduce any inflammation, lower blood pressure and even promote relaxation and sleep. Thus, this juice is good for you who have insomnia problem.


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Celery and Green Apples

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It is very good to lower cholesterol level by drinking celery juice. Yet, it is much better to drink celery with apples to get more benefits. Apples are great for diet. Consuming apple makes you able to reduce body fats.

Celery with Apples and Carrots

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Carrots are rich in vitamin A beneficial for healthy vision. Carrots are also advantageous for anti-aging and cancer prevention. So, it will be amazing to combine celery with apples and carrots to grab all benefits from those fruits and vegetables.


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Blend the celery, apples and carrots together and drink the juice sooner.

Celery with Tomatoes

Tomatoes are so powerful to combat any free radicals causing cancer. These vegetables are also full of vitamin E and vitamin C for beautiful skin. So, it is such a great alternative to combine celery and tomatoes together to get reduced cholesterol level while improving the skin beauty.


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Combining Celery with Oranges


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Oranges have a sweet taste. Combining oranges with celery will result in a delicious taste even for those who do not like celery. Moreover, oranges have the same benefits as celery which is able to reduce cholesterol level. Then, try to juice celery with oranges to make the most powerful drink against bad cholesterol.

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Vary your juice recipes to avoid any boredom. Besides, drinking various juices will fulfil body needs of various nutrients. In that way, your body will be healthier and fresher. To ensure the cleanliness of the fruits and vegetables, make sure you wash them properly before juicing.

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