DIY Mangosteen Juice Recipes for Daily Antioxidant


Either the skin or the fruit, mangosteen have a million benefits for our health. You can directly eat the fruit, make the fruit for a delicious juice or even process the mangosteen skin to be made into a juice. A mangosteen is a source of vitamin C, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. In fact, it is considered as the fruit with the highest amount of antioxidant.

Mangosteen Juice Recipes

Make a Mangosteen Juice

Making a juice from mangosteens is so much easy. You only need to take the content inside. The color of the mangosteen is white while the skin is purple. Separate the fruit from the skin. Then, blend the fruits with or without honey to make it more delicious since the mangosteen itself has a sweet taste.

Add some ice blocks for a fresh taste and a glass of mangosteen juice is ready to enjoy.

Various Recipes of Mangosteen Juices

If you want to vary the mangosteen juices, you can mix the mangosteen with other fruits to enhance the benefits. You can combine the mangosteen with dragon fruit and apples to complete the benefits from the juice.

This mixed juice is full of vitamin C, fiber and can be counted on to protect your body from various serious diseases including cardiovascular and even cancer. This juice is also considered as a good treatment for diabetics.

The mangosteen can be also combined with orange juices. The combination of the two tastes will give so delicious juices for your daily drink.

Add some aloe vera to the mangosteen juice to enhance the healthy benefits. Such juices can boost your immune system and make you keep young since the vitamins and other nutrients could fight for free radicals which responsible for aging.

Another mixed juice option is juicing mangosteen with strawberries. These two fruits are full of benefits which are great for your breakfast drink.

Mangosteen Juices

Strawberries are such a great fruit for women who care so much about their appearance. This fruit can reduce totally any existing wrinkles and make your skin look fresh and young.

Juicing the Mangosteen Skin for Boosted Antioxidant

To get more benefits of mangosteen, you can process the skin of this fruit and make it a glass of juice. You can directly juice the skin by separating the soft purple skin from inside the skin of the fruits and the hard skin from the outside area.

To lessen the bitter taste, add some honey or sugar and you have no worry because honey or sugar will not decrease the benefits. The juice will look purple since the skin is totally purple.

You can also enjoy the fruit’s skin by drying out the skin of the fruit. Such a skin form enables you to make the juice anytime you want since the dried mangosteen skin will be longer lasting.

Juicing the Mangosteen Skin for Boosted Antioxidant

After juicing, you can directly consume it after eating. For more variation, make an ice cream from the juice by inserting the juice into an ice cream mold and keep them in a freezer for some time.

Mangosteen Juices

As the ice cream has been frozen, enjoy the ice cream anytime you want with your kids.

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