DIY Juice Recipes for People with Diabetes


Diabetics should be very careful arranging their diet menu. It is because foods or drinks which contain a lot of sugar will be very dangerous for them. The primary key for diabetics is controlling their blood sugar. What they consume have a major role in affecting the level of blood sugar. On the other hand, many people think that fruits are dangerous for diabetics due to the sugar contents. The fact is that there are some fruits which are not only safe for diabetics but also beneficial for controlling blood sugar. These are some of the recommended fruits for diabetics.

Apples and Kiwis


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Apples are rich in pectin which is beneficial to reduce insulin level. Besides, apples can lower glycemic as well. Combining apples with kiwis will give more benefits since kiwis, unlike other fruits, will not boost insulin.

Cut all fruits in pieces and then blend them together with medium speed.

Apples and Star Fruits


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Star fruits have so low calories content that makes these fruits safe for diabetics, especially type II diabetics. In addition, star fruits taste good. Therefore, the combination of apples and star fruits will give delicious taste juices.

Use a blender to make the apples and star fruits juice so you will not lose the fibres.

Apricot Juices

Apricots have a lot of potassium which is good for diabetics. Potassium is a kind of minerals totally needed to synthesise proteins in the body. It is good to dry apricots to get much more benefits. But, juicing this fruit is also good.

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Bitter Melon Juices

Bitter melon contains Charantin beneficial to decrease blood sugar level. Even though most people do not like its bitter taste, this vegetable has a million benefits, especially for diabetics. So, it is strongly recommended for them to drink a glass of bitter melon juice regularly.


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It is probably so hard for you to drink bitter melon juice. But, if you suffer from diabetes, you will know the benefits directly.

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To lessen the bitter taste, you can add some lemon juice to the juice. Cut the bitter melon in pieces and blend them. Before serving the juice, mix the lemon juice.

Pumpkin Juices



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Pumpkins contain Saponin and flavonoid which are able to lower blood sugar level and improve beta cells. Thus, consuming pumpkins is a must for diabetics. If you do not like to eat pumpkins, you can juice them. Before juicing, you need to steam them first.


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To enhance the taste, you can add some ginger powder and cinnamon powder into the pumpkin juice.

Plum Fruit Juices


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Plums are low calories and full of fibres. So, these fruits are suitable for diabetics.

Morinda Citrifolia Juices



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Morinda Citrifolia is also often called as Noni. It has Proxeronin which is able to improve damaged beta cells. Therefore, the production of insulin will be balanced. It is very good for diabetics especially type I diabetics.

You cannot add honey to all juice recipes for diabetics. It is because it contains sugar which is harmful to diabetics.

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