Fruit Juices for Pregnant Women


Pregnant women need a lot of nutrients to keep the health of the mother and the babies too. They need a lot of energy supply because the energy is for two people, the mother and the baby. Besides foods, there are some fruits beneficial to boost energy and nutrients in pregnant women. They can consume the fruits any time they want as juices.

Combination of Apple, Cherry and Strawberry Juice

Apple is highly recommended for pregnant women since this charming fruit is full of vitamins and nutrients such as tannin, malt acid, fibres and many others more. Thanks to the fibre, it is good to consume apple to prevent you from constipation. Mix the apple with cherry and strawberry to make a delicious juice.
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Strawberry is full of vitamin C and pectin acid. Consuming strawberry every day could melt the fat in other foods, stimulate your appetite and improve peristaltic. Therefore, you will not get obese even though you are pregnant.

Cherry is the best source of iron. Even though it is a tiny fruit, it contains iron 20 times more than apples and oranges. Consuming cherry regularly improves your digestion and boost your blood. Besides mixed with apple and strawberry, it is enough to juice cherries alone. In fact, this fruit can brighten the baby’s skin.
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Fresh Watermelon Juices for Improved Blood Quality

Consuming watermelon can improve the quality of the blood. This juice is very good for pregnant women who suffer diabetes. Watermelon can flush out uric acid in the blood which is responsible for arthritis and some other diseases.

Cut a half medium watermelon in pieces. Blend the fruit with no additional ingredient. You may squeeze a lemon to make the juice fresher.
Cherry Juice
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Lychee Juices for Energy Supply

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Lychee contains abundant protein, fat, vitamin C, phosphor, iron, sucrose and glucose. Consuming a glass of lychee juice at night can add energy supply for tomorrow. In that way, you will be fresh when waking up in the morning.

Fresh Cucumber Juice for Strong Muscles

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Drinking cucumber juices could overcome any back pain, muscle cramps and skin disorders during pregnancy. It contains silicate functioned to increase the strength of muscle tissues, tendon, and ligament. Moreover, it also impacts to enhanced skin colour, hair, nails and cartilage.

Grape Juices

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The grape is a fruit that is full of iron, calcium, phosphor, organic acid, carotene, lecithin, vitamin B1 and vitamin C advantageous for pregnant women. During pregnancy, the women need more blood supply. Therefore, it is good to consume a glass of grape juice to fulfil the pregnant women’s need.

Water Apple Juices for Fresh Body

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Water apple is a tropical fruit which has an effect to lessen hot temperature in the body. The content of water is more than enough. Thus, this fruit is very good to consume for pregnant women.

Cantaloupe Juices

intestinal tissue injury
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The content of beta-carotene, pro-vitamin A, manganese, magnesium, zinc and chrome in cantaloupe can lessen any inflammation and heal the inflammation of the intestinal tissue injury. The natural sugar and enzyme found in cantaloupe can absorb un-well processed foods in intestinal, spicy food and deposition of drugs.

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