Get Rid Of Cancer Cells with DIY Soursop Juice Recipes


One of the benefits of soursop fruits for health is the power to kill the cancer cells, even 1000 times more than what can be presented by chemotherapy. This fruit is worthy to be your one of healthy juices in the daily menu. Just like the name, this fruit tastes a little bit sour but so delicious with the creamy textures. You can vary the serving so it will not be boring.

DIY Soursop Juice Recipe Ideas

It is very simple to juice this fibrous flesh fruit. Add some sugar or honey if you want to lessen the sour taste. It is also allowed to add some milk if you like it. So, prepare all of the ingredients and do not worry to get rid of the seeds before juicing since the seeds are actually toxic.



Insert all of the ingredients in which the sugar or honey can be added as much as your desire.

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Blend the ingredients with medium speed since the texture of the soursop fruits is creamy.

As the fruit has been blended well, insert it into a glass and the juice is ready to serve.

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Add some ice block to make the juice fresher. You can drink the soursop juice with your lunch. The fresh taste will be so delicious to accompany your lunch menu while giving you precious benefits in the body.

Soursop Juice Ice Creams

Some kids might not like to drink a juice. On the other hand, every parent wants them to drink juices for the sake of their healthy. Thanks to the white creamy color, you can make the soursop juice to be a delicious ice cream so that your kids will love to enjoy them.

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Mix the soursop with milk and blend them together. Once you blended the soursop fruits along with milk, insert them into ice cream molds until the molds are almost full. Put the sticks in the middle of the juice to make your baby easy to hold the ice cream after being frozen. As the soursop ice, creams are ready to be frozen, insert them into the freezer chambers. Wait for sometimes to let the ice creams frozen properly.

Creation of Mixed Soursop Juices with Other Fruits

If you are involving soursop juice into your daily menu, you might get bored if the juice is monotone time to time. Therefore, mixing the juice with other fruits is the solution.
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You can mix the juice with nata de coco to make it more delicious. Give a beautiful color to the juice by adding some strawberry or coco pandan syrup. Nana de coco is great to give more fiber for your body.

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Instead of being mixed with white milk, you can add some chocolate milk once the soursop juice is ready to serve. Before the juice is inserted into the glass, decorate the inside surface of the glass with the chocolate milk. Then, insert the juice and add additional decoration on the top surface of the juice for finishing.

Nana de
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If you do not like milk, you can also enjoy the juice by adding some tiny slices of red guava.

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