Some Juice Recipes to Make You Taller


Everybody wants to be tall. In fact, it is one of the criteria of being a charming person. It is no wonder then if many people consume some supplements in order to make them taller. On the other hand, those supplements sometimes give side effects to the body due to the chemical ingredients. Instead of applying something that has a bad impact, it is good to come back to nature. Drink some juices below to help you increase your height.

Guava Juices


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Guava juices are full of vitamin D required to make your bones growing much better.


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Use a blender to juice the guava. Prepare two guava fruits and crop them into smaller pieces. Put them into the blender and blend them without any sugar added. Now, a glass of guava juice is ready to drink.


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Red Grape Juices

Red Grape Juice

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Grapes contain nutrients required to make your bones healthier and tougher. In that way, you can do various activities easier. In fact, it makes you more confident.

Apple Juices

Apple fruits provide the best supplement for you to make you taller, healthier and even younger. Drink a glass of apple juice every day to get maximum benefits.

Appe Juice

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To enhance the apple juice taste, you can mix green apples with a half cucumber, celery, and a quarter lemons and blend them together.

Spinach Juices

Spinach is a kind of vegetables which are full of vitamins and other nutrients. Make sure you and all family members consume spinach every day. To make it easier to consume, you can juice this vegetable.


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If you are bored with the taste, you can mix the spinach with fruits and other vegetables.

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Mix the spinach with carrots, lemons, and cucumbers. Then, blend them all together. Another recipe for spinach juice is combining the spinach with apples and carrots.

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Carrots are rich in calcium that makes your bones stronger and healthier. So, combining carrots and spinach will gain your bones healthy and make you taller, thanks to the good growth of the bones.

Lemon Juices

Lemon has a lot of essential nutrients and vitamins for the human body. It is such a great way to keep your body healthy by consuming lemon every day. Lemon is beneficial to make you taller and enhance your immune system.


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To consume the lemon, you can squeeze it or blend it. The two offer different taste that varies the juice taste.

Broccoli Juices

Broccoli vegetable contains a lot of beneficial nutrients to boost the growth of bones. Therefore, it is good for kids from 5 years old to 10 years old to consume broccoli juices every day.


Broccoli Juice

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Since many children do not like broccoli, it is a good idea to juice it. In that way, the children can consume enough amount of broccoli to fulfill their body needs. Make sure you include broccoli into your daily meals. Therefore, your family members will have enough nutrients to have healthier bones.

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