Easy Melon Juice Recipes You Can Make at Home


People always depend on melons to ease any kind of high fever. But the benefits of melons are a lot more. Melons include Vitamin C, iron, calcium, phosphor, anti-coagulant, carotenoid, vitamin A and vitamin B1. Consuming melon juices on a daily basis will enhance your health and wellness as well as moisten your body better. There are some melon juice tips you can try to vary the juice tastes.

Green Melon Juices

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Cut melons into pieces and blend 2 cups of melons in a blender. Mix one glass or two glasses of ice blocks in the juice. Blend them together. To make the juice, you can also use a juicer to get pure melon without any ice block or fruit pulp.
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If you use a juicer, you may need more melons to get the same amount of a glass of melon juice since there is no water or ice juice blended.

Orange Melon Shakes

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Another variety of melon is the orange melon. Unlike the green one, the flesh’s color is orange. It is the same to make a glass of orange melon juice like what you did to green melon. Mix some ice block and some orange melon. Then, blend them together to get the shakes.

To get an enriched flavor, you may add some passion fruit syrup into the melon shake.
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Another way to enjoy the orange melon, you may blend the orange melon roughly with a bit water in it. Then, mix the blended melon with some milk before drinking.
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Melon Cucumber Juices

To improve the healthy benefits of the juice you are consuming, you could blend the melon juice with cucumber. Utilize a juicer to let you mix the juice without blending it entirely, like the picture shown below.

First, prepare 2 cups of melon and 2 cups of cucumber. Juice the melon first into a juice. Then, insert the juiced fruit into a glass. Secondly, juice the cucumber and insert it into the same glass as the melon.

Besides using a glass, you can also utilize the round skin of the melon to be the container. The only thing you need to do is keeping the round shape of the melon skin when you are cutting the flesh. So, there will be no hole except on the surface.

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Such a unique container can be used to enjoy your orange melon juice with milk. Add some ice blocks to make it fresher.

Melon Juices for Lunch

Due to the beneficial, include the melon juices in some diet menus in your daily meals. Basically, it is free to include the melon juice in any time of milk. You can drink the juice anytime.
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For lunch, it is wonderful to enjoy a plate of rice along with fried fish and some vegetables and a glass of orange melon juice with milk.

For cleansing your digestion, it is great to include melon juices into one of the juice menus. Combine some green juices with pineapple-orange juice and also melon juice by managing the combination the consumption within a day.



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